Pineapple Mango Rum…Yum

pineapplesA couple weeks ago, we posted an orange and cinnamon scotch infusion.  It turned out fantastic, so we mentioned that there were a couple other ideas we’d like to try.  The next infusion that we’d like to show is pineapple mango rum infusion. Considering we had two pineapples, a recipe to use them up seemed like a good idea.  The hardest part of the process is cutting up the pineapple.  I (Mr. P&F) had never cut a pineapple before because it always seemed like it would be a really time consuming thing to do.  Since I was a newbie at this, I used this post as a guide from

You’ll want to check your pineapple to make sure it’s ripe.  Look at the color on the outside.  The more yellow you see, the more ripe it is.  It doesn’t need to be bright yellow, just nicely highlighted in yellow.  Also, if you smell it, there should be a light pineapple smell.  This sounds obvious, but if it’s going bad, there will be a fermented smell.  If your pineapple seems ripe, then go ahead and begin by cutting off both ends.  The more you can leave on the pineapple the better, so don’t cut too far in.  Now begin to peel off the outside layer on the sides.  Again, stay as close to the outside as you can.  According to the post that I referenced, the sweetest part is on the edge.  Continue the process shown in the picture below.

pineapple peeling

Once that is done, you’ll notice all of those dark circles everywhere.  They’re not tasty, so we need to get rid of those.  Just cut them out in shallow grooves.  You can cut them out in long grooves from top to bottom.  No need to cut each one out individually.


You get this…


Mine wasn’t as pretty as the site I referenced but it’s getting cut up anyway so…maybe next time.  As far as slicing it, you can do it how ever you want to.  Either from top to bottom and make cubes like you see in the store or width wise and make rings like I did.


There’s still one more part that you need to cut out.  The core is very tough so you won’t want to bite into that.  You end up with donut shaped slices.


  I also wanted to add some red mango.  These are also a little tricky to cut.  It’s easiest to cut them from top to bottom while avoiding the center core.  Cut it on four sides as you can see below.


Next, cut out the fruit from your slices.


Now it’s time to add our pineapple and mango to a mason jar.  I filled it about 1/3 with mango, and 1/3 with pineapple.  Just add your rum and it’s ready to infuse.

add-captain-morgan pineapple mango rum

As in our orange and cinnamon scotch infusion post, I let this infuse for a week before draining it.  I think this would be great to use for a rum punch.  There’s a nice added fruit flavor to the rum and on a hot summer’s day, it’s nice to sit by the pool with a rum punch.  Also, the pineapple only took me about 15 minutes to cut which was much better than I was thinking.  Definitely would recommend cutting up your own pineapple if you can spare a few extra minutes.

pineapple-mango-rum infusion

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